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press release material

Ten snapshots from the video.

Video simulations with real scale

From the Sun to Teegarden's star (play video with native size) [en]. By M. Zechmeister.
Von Sonne zu Teegardens Stern (Video in ursprünglicher Größe abspielen) [de ]. Von M. Zechmeister.


Comparison of stellar radii and orbit sizes (play video with native size). By M. Zechmeister.

Demo of planet b orbiting Teegarden's Star and Mercury transiting the Sun (play video with native size). By M. Zechmeister.

Info graphics

Comparison with orbit size of Mercury. By M. Zechmeister.
Vergleich mit Merkurs Umlaufbahn. Von M. Zechmeister.

Figures from the paper

Transits of solar system objects as seen from Teegarden’s Star (Fig. 2, png, pdf).

CARMENES RV time series for Teegarden’s Star (Fig. 3 top, png, pdf).

RVs phase-folded to the periods of planets b (left) and c (right) (Fig. 3 bottom, png, pdf).

The solar neighbourhood (interactive labelled and rotatable). Here as single page.

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