The generalised Lomb-Scargle periodogram (GLS)

Here you can download the source code for the algorithm described in Zechmeister & Kürster (2009, A&A , 496, 577) [ADS, pdf]. It is available in fortran 77, IDL, Python and Javascript. Only the fortran version computes the Keplerian periodogram.
See on github.

GLS online version: here

NEW (2017-02-22): Python v2.02 released.
NEW (2016-08-02): IDL v2.01 released.
NEW (2016-03-08): Javascript version added!
NEW (2016-03-08): Online version of GLS available here!

Programming language Current version Requirements Older versions
Fortran GLS program version v2.3.02 [tar]
  • released: 2012-08-03
  • NEW: zoom and scroll with arrow keys
  • FIX: precision of pi
  • Fortran 77
  • Linux (bash)
  • Gnuplot for graphical output
    (tested with versions 4.2.3 and 4.4.2)
Version v2.3.01 [tar]
  • released: 2011-09-13
  • NEW: output of refine mode more similar to standard mode
  • NEW: output of mass function
  • NEW: option -M (only companion mass calculation)
  • NEW: option -H (view the ReadMe)
  • NEW: option -x (clear the directory from GLS products)
  • FIX: pseudo error bars are not shown in unweighted mode
  • FIX: refine option in unweighted mode
  • CHANGE: physical constants updated
  • IMPROVED: interactive x11 (gnuplot >v4.2; for gnuplot v4.2 there is now at least a unzoom key 'u')
  • NOTE: this version does not work with the old GLS.log file!

Version v2.2.09 [tar]
  • released: 22.06.2011
  • NEW: suggestions for min and max frequency limits
  • CHANGE: source code cleaned
  • CHANGE: gfortran as default compiler
  • FIXED: option handling bug

Version v2.2.08 [tar]
  • FIXED: bug in setting default options
  • FIXED: option -K
  • FIXED: compatible with gnuplot 4.4.2

Version v2.2.07 [tar]
  • CHANGE: modifed input option -k and -m

Version v2.2.06 [tar]
  • NEW: included option to refine best fit
IDL GLS program version v2.01 []
  • released: 2016-08-02
  • sums replaced by dot product
  • gls now as function
  • subfunctions renamed
  • glsplot and glsprint included
  • NEW: fast option
  • stat option replaced by verbose
  • IDL
Version v1.05 [pro]
  • released: 11.11.2013
  • FIXED: bug in plotting
  • CHANGE: code cleaned

Version v1.04 [pro]
  • released: 08.11.2012
  • FIXED: bug T0
  • NEW: output of documentation for invalid nparams()
  • CHANGE: code cleaned
  • CHANGE: one plot with three panel (instead of the three windows)

Version v1.03 [pro]
  • released: 21.11.2011
  • NEW: option to refine fit with MPFIT
  • NEW: handling of invalid data points

Version v1.02 [pro]
  • released: 22.08.2011
  • FIXED: account weights
  • NEW: display of error bars
  • NEW: warning for edge peaks
  • FIXED: miscellaneous bugs

Version v1.01 [pro]
  • initial release: 09.08.2011
Python GLS program version v2.02 []
  • released: 2017-02-21
  • FIXED: Bug when reading the error from ascii file
  • NEW: header keyword in toFile() function
  • CHANGE: blocking plot now via ion() for compatiblity with older matplotlib versions
  • Python
  • matplotlib for plots
Version v2.01 [py]
  • released: 2016-09-22
  • code largely rewritten
  • NEW: fast option (using recurrences and complex numbers)
  • NEW: python3 ready
  • NEW: Pbeg and Pend option
  • CHANGE: sums replaced by dot product
  • quick-look plot revised
  • NEW: support fuer two-column files

Version v1.01 [py]
  • initial release: 2012-01-13
  • courtesy of Sebastian Schröter and Stefan Czesla (Uni Hamburg)
  • stand alone version from the PyAstronomy package
Javascript GLS program version v00 [gls.js]
  • initial release: 2016-03-08
  • in action here
  • a modern browser, JavaScript activated